sakiyama tsubasa

Actor of the Day: Sakiyama Tsubasa

Today’s actor of the day is Sakiyama Tsubasa! With his effervescent smile and ability to throw himself fully into every single role that he takes on, Tsubasa has become an incredibly versatile actor in a very short period of time. You’ll never find him typecast–in fact, Tsubasa has some of the most diversified roles that…

touken ranbu the musical

Touken Ranbu the Musical Review!

Or: “I have never felt so catered to in my entire life and I don’t know who to hug: the musical.” Yesterday, me, my wife Gali, Jess, and LenLen made the trek from Harajuku Station over to the Aiia Theater Tokyo for Touken Ranbu: The Musical Trial Performance. Here’s a rundown of what we found….