saeki daichi

Actor of the Day: Saeki Daichi

Today’s actor of the day is the newbie, Saeki Daichi! While he had his start in TV dramas back in 2010, Saeki Daichi is a relative newcomer to the world of anime on stage. Previous to his role as Iwatooshi in the Touken Ranbu Musical Trial Performance, he had only had a pair of roles…

touken ranbu the musical

Touken Ranbu the Musical Review!

Or: “I have never felt so catered to in my entire life and I don’t know who to hug: the musical.” Yesterday, me, my wife Gali, Jess, and LenLen made the trek from Harajuku Station over to the Aiia Theater Tokyo for Touken Ranbu: The Musical Trial Performance. Here’s a rundown of what we found….