Actor of the Day: Murata Mitsu

The popular, talented Murata Mitsu is today’s Actor of the Day! From Yowamushi Pedal to Tokyo Ghoul–and to everything in between–this actor has really set a precedent for taking on some of the most difficult and unusual roles in the industry. Osaka-born Murata Mitsu isn’t just an actor–he’s a fashion model and a DJ that…

Why Murata Mitsu was (and is) a Poor Choice for Midousuji Akira

With season three green-lit and a brand new stage play going on as we speak, it’s no surprise that a lot of loyal YowaPeda fans have come out of the woodwork…and that, of course, includes those that absolutely adore Murata Mitsu’s portrayal as Midousuji Akira. Don’t get me wrong–casting Midousuji is almost an impossible task….

murata mitsu as Midousuji

Why Murata Mitsu Is Quickly Becoming a Stage Play Favorite

If you ask a fan of anime stage plays, chances are they have a favorite actor. For one reason or another, fans will usually latch on to at least one actor who they’re biased towards, following their work closely and visiting Japanese online shops to buy posters, bromides, dvd’s and other merchandise their bias is…