ora ora ora

Ora Ora Ora! – 2.25″ Pinback Button



“Ora ora ora!” shouts Kashuu Kiyomitsu–and Yamatonokami Yasuada, both of whom love to shout their master’s catchphrase during the heat of a battle.

Touken Ranbu is an interactive in-browser game made by Nitro Plus, currently licensed in Japan. Time travel, swords coming to life, and mysterious enemies abound in this exciting game–soon to be adapted by Marvelous Japan and Nelkë Entertainment into both a musical AND a stage play!

Show your pride for your fandom, your gender/identity/sexuality, or even your favorite character with a sturdy, lightweight pinback button! Some buttons may not be available in both 1” and 2.25” sizes, so make sure you know which size button you intend to purchase.

Our high-quality 2.25 inch buttons are constructed of the strongest materials commercially available. Each button is composed of a layer of metal, a layer of high-resolution inkjet printed paper (providing for a higher vibrancy and contrast than mass laser printer papers), and a layer of mylar to keep the image safe, all securely fastened by a metal safety pinback. We take great care to ensure that there are no “duds,” and none of our buttons arrive damaged, off-center, or with tearing around the edges. Our manufacturing equipment is provided by American Button Machines, the highest-rated button producing company in the USA.

(Want to buy these fantastic buttons in bulk? Just send us a contact request form for any order of buttons over 50 and we can work out a special bulk price!)


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