Musical Hakuouki Kazama Chikage Hen

Hakuouki – Musical Hakuouki Kazama Chikage Hen

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Musical Hakuouki Kazama Chikage Hen brings to life the question: what happens when everyone’s darling falls in love…with the villain? Hakuouki explores this daring route by having Yukimura Chizuru fall for Kazama Chikage, brilliantly played by the incomparable Suzuki Shougo (also famous as Nishiki-sempai from the Tokyo Ghoul first stage play). Will Chizuru be won over by Kazama’s unusual form of love? Or will everything he tries to woo her be in vain? And what on earth do the other Shinsengumi have to say about all of this nonsense?

(Side note: this route does include the hilarious “after party” scene, with drunk Hijikata and Saitou Hajime!)

Along with Suzuki Shougo, this high-resolution DVD of Musical Hakuouki Kazama Chikage Hen also features Hirose Daisuke as Okita Souji, Matsuda Ryo as Saito Hajime, and Yazaki Hiroshi as Hijikata Toshizo. Make sure to check out our other rare Hakuouki Musical DVDs, such as Saitou Hajime Hen, Hijikata Toshizo Hen, and Okita Souji Hen for the full Hakuouki Musical DVD experience–and check back as we continue to update the store!

Official merchandise featuring full musical and backstage reel. Please respect the artists and actors–not authorized for uploads, reprints, or commercial viewings.


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