Frequently Asked QuestionsGali
  • Are you attending ____ stage play?

All the stage plays we are attending or running buying services for are listed on the top left corner of our website, or bottom right. If you’re interested in a stage we don’t have listed, it’s possible we haven’t heard about any interest in the USA. Feel free to send us a contact form!

  • How much does shipping for the buying service cost?

Shipping is determined by weight, which will be determined by the time we have all of your goods and package your things. Within the USA it is typically less than $10. Internationally, it’s usually $10-$15, though there is an extra surcharge for tracking and insurance.

  • Where do the items ship from?

The east coast of the USA.

  • How long does shipping to my location usually take?

This is different for every location. Please contact us if you’re concerned about the arrival of your package.

  • When will my buying service stage show goods arrive?

We typically attend opening night or the finale performance of the show. We ship within a week of picking up the goods (and returning to the USA).

  • Can I cancel my buying service order?

Up until the time of purchase. Once the items have been purchased, buying services are nonrefundable. The reason for this is that we have already had our employees go out to the shows and spend the time and travel cost to pick up the items, and the items themselves cannot be returned. We apologize for any inconvenience!

  • On the website, it says a ticket to the show I want to go to costs ___, but you quoted me almost double that! Why?

Typically, tickets to Japanese stage shows sell out immediately. That means that sometimes, we have to use resale services in order to get the tickets that you want and need! Because of this, some ticket prices (especially on opening nights or finale nights) can be much more expensive.

  • What is a bromide?

A bromide is a 4x6inches photocard of an actor. They are exclusive to stage plays and musicals, and they are gorgeous! We do not manufacture them ourselves; they are official merchandise, and produced in limited quantities.

  • What is a bromide case?

A case for holding bromides. It’s usually a themed folder from the show you’ve watched that will easily hold your bromides.

  • Can I meet the actors/get an autograph if I buy a ticket to the show and wait at the stage door?

This is not tolerated in Japan. Actors hold handshake, autograph, and meet & greet events for this kind of interaction, but they do not come to the stage doors to meet the fans. Please be courteous, and also, if the actors walk by you in the audience, please do not try to engage with them except a crisp hi-five if they offer it!

  • Why aren’t you offering the random grab items during your buying service?

We’re more than willing to offer a random grab item, such as can badges. However, we will not guarantee getting you a particular character or version of a random grab item at the purchase price, as they are random. We can, however, sometimes purchase these items on retail, where the price can be up to five times as high. Contact our buying service to learn more.

  • I already paid my invoice for my goods. Why did you guys send me another one?

When you order through our buying service, we charge an upfront fee (15%) and the cost of the item. The upfront fee is for our time, effort, and the cost of doing business (i.e. we have to pay to get to Japan to get the goods, the train fare to get to the shows, etc.) and does not include shipping. Your second invoice is your shipping cost, which cannot be calculated until we retrieve the goods and weigh them for shipping. For example, an order of three programs and 6 bromides could be a vast difference from a show like Tenimyu (where the programs are usually small) and a show like Kuroko no Basuke (where the programs are thick and heavy). We bring the stuff back to the USA to make shipping as cheap and convenient as possible, and we ship your things right after you pay your shipping invoice and provide your address.