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Meet our Team!

Who are we, anyway?

Meet Aki-chan

Co-owner, sanity management


Aki-chan is a 1.5 years young papillon. She owns Anime on Stage, but usually sleeps behind the booth at conventions and makes everyone else do the work. Aki-chan is a registered service dog, but enjoys conventions because she gets to cosplay.

We welcome questions about her and requests for pettings, but if you see her behind the booth, please ask before touching!

Meet Gali

Co-owner, web developer, product sourcing, buying service management


Gali, excellent at being a recluse and resembling a bird, got a bright idea about turning a stage/musical habit into a business one day. Her wife is equally insane, and thus, a world of hobby idols turned into Anime on Stage.

Currently building an ita bag that will bring many stares from Akashi and Midousuji fans alike, Gali enjoys her dog, a lot of cats, and really wants a pony. She likes wearing her wife’s knitting, collecting so many dakimakura, and a lot of fanart of Mikazuki facing left.

Gali is your main contact for special orders through our buying service. She’s fun, friendly, and very good at finding what you want!

Meet Corinna

Co-owner, content executive, SEO management


Corinna is a lifelong nerd, in between bouts of distracting professionalism and terrifying adulthood. After a debilitating start in fandom when Everything Was Star Wars, she has earned and ignored a theatre degree, lived in three countries, and finally settled on a house full of cats and anime, steadily filling with more as time progresses (more anime, not more cats). In her minuscule free time, she enjoys knitting very well, singing very poorly, and cooking food that her wife will not eat because it has vegetables. She is a cosplay equalist and a fanart addict, and freely admits that she co-founded Anime On Stage to fund her “going to Japan and seeing muscials” hobby. Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, and buy her gay erotica on Amazon (hi mom!).