Actor of the Day: Yamada James Takeshi


Today’s actor is Yamada James Takeshi, one of the many mixed heritage actors who have found a nice home in the hearts of Anime on Stage fans. A model since 2009, Takeshi has since taken up acting. He made his stage debut in 2013’s Shippo no Nakama-tachi 3. He first appeared in the Anime on Stage scene as Kazunari Takao from 2016’s Kuroko no Basket THE ENCOUNTER. Since then, he’s been regularly acting in productions related to anime like Hetalia and Hakuoki. Let’s support him on his career!

Name: 山田ジェームス武

Birthday: May 7, 1990

Height: 177 cm

Hobbies: Fashion observation, snowboarding, games

Special Skills: Basketball (Played for over 10 years. Once participated in the Chiba Prefecturals and the Nationals.), designing

Links: Company Profile, Official Blog, Instagram, Twitter

Anime on Stage Roles: Kazunari Takao in Kuroko no Basket productions, Spain in Hetalia, Holland in Dance with Devils ~ DC ~ , Hijikata Toushizo in Hakuoki ~sweet school life~

Non-Anime on Stage Roles: The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker (stage production), Lowlife Love (movie), Messiah -Goku Yoru Polar night- (movie)

Best Looks: 

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