Fate/Grand Order The Stage: Domain of the Holy Round Table Camelot Replica; Agateram Cast Announcement

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[Performance Schedule]

Tokyo: July 14th to July 17th 2017


Tokyo: Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi


Sana Hiroki as Bedivere

Nanawo Hikari as Mash Kyrielight

Takahashi Yū as Artoria Pendragon

Saeki Ryō as Fujimaru Ritsuka (Male)

Okada Renna as Fujimaru Ritsuka (Female)

Ono Kento as Lancelot

Yamaguchi Daichi as Gawain

Kikuta Daisuke as Tristan

Kai Chihiro as Mordred

Jay as Agravaine

Nishikawa Shunsuke as Arash

Honda Reo as Ozymandias

Ririka as Leonardo da Vinci

Ide Takuya as Romani Archaman

Official website: http://stage.fate-go.jp/

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