Actor of the Day: Kubota Hidetoshi


Today’s actor is Kubota Hidetoshi (久保田秀敏)! This is a man who had to make the decision to drastically change his career path not long after graduating from a technical college. After graduating college in Fukuoka, he moved to Tokyo for work. Not long after, he found himself making the switch due to a difference between his personal hopes and the store’s policies. In the few years before getting the role of Niou Masaharu, Kubota spent his time acting in television dramas and in minor stage productions. After his stint in The Prince of Tennis musicals, his popularity got a big boost. From then on, he acted as a main character for several stage production series like My Host-chan. We wish him luck on his journey achieving his dream – being able to be an actor and a hairdresser at the same time.

Links: Company Profile, Official Blog (Clear file), Instagram, Twitter

Birthday: January 12, 1987

Height: 178cm

Anime on Stage Roles: Niou Masaharu in Prince of Tennis Musicals (2nd Season), Saitou Yakumo in Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Okada Izou in Chiruran: Shinsengumi Requiem

Non-Anime on Stage Roles: Watashi no Host-chan musicals, Akira in Shinjuku Midnight Baby, Kajitsu no Nai Mori

Fun Fact: Two of the actors he respects are Yamada Takayuki and Kagawa Teruyuki.

Best Looks: 

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