Actor of the Day: Harashima Motohisa


Today’s actor is Harashima Motohisa (原嶋元久). In 2006, young Harashima Motohisa acted in the relatively unknown film Boku wa Kono Oka de, Kimi wo Aishitai. Like most young actors with an active school life, Harashima went back to normal life for the next five years. Then, he made himself known by bagging the role of Tenimyu’s Kirihara Akaya for the second season. Not only was this his first major role in acting, but it was also his first major performance on stage. In the years since then, he’s gone on to star in multiple stage productions, anime stage adaptions included. With how talented he’s shown himself to be at learning on the go, it’s no wonder his schedule is rather full with over four major stage productions and the occasional film to prepare for in a year.

Links: Company Profile, Official Blog (EVERYONE PUSHED MY BACK),

Birthday: January 1, 1993

Height: 169cm

Hobbies: Basketball and soccer

Anime on Stage Roles: Kirihara Akaya in The Prince of Tennis musicals (2nd Season), Gion Kenji in All Out!! The Stage, Hanyuu Shinnosuke in Gakuran Kageki: Teiichi no Kuni – Kessen no Mime Mime

Non-Anime on Stage Roles: I am a Cat, Bye Bye Blackbird

Best Looks: 

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