Actor of the Day: Imai Tsunemitsu


Today’s actor is Imai Tsunemitsu (今井恒允). Other than being the substitute Yuujiro Kai in Tenimyu who only got to spend a brief time with the company when the main actor fell ill, Imai is a relatively unknown actor. This is mainly due to his “retirement” from acting in major productions. After 2010, he enrolled into Ups Academy where he began learning various acting techniques. Nowadays, his blog consists of either enrolment details or realizations after an acting class. Despite the short nature of his acting career international viewers are privy to, Mai-mai (as his friends would call him on camera) was a great actor who made more than just a few viewers laugh.

Links: Official Blog,

Birthday: September 5, 1984

Height: 173cm

Hobbies: Traveling (especially touring temples), conversing in English, watching stage performances and movies.

Special Skills: Soccer, backflips.

Anime on Stage Roles: Understudy/Substitute for Yuujiro Kai in The Prince of Tennis musicals (1st Season)

Non-Anime on Stage Roles: Every Little Thing, Graduation, Paradise Lost, Over 30

Best Looks: 

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