Actor of the Day: Matsuzaki Yutaka


Today’s actor of the day is Matsuzaki Yutaka (松崎裕)! Born in the Tokyo region in 1978, this actor became well-known internationally as The Prince of Tennis musicals’ first Tanishi Kei. Although he made his acting debut through drama, he’s more often seen on stage and in films since his role as Tanishi Kei. After his graduation from TeniMyu, he’s gone on to act in several more films and eventually became a familiar face among the anime adaptation community through his roles in a Saint Seiya musical, the K Project musicals and Library Wars adaptations. In spite of “being hopeless with machines” (self-professed), his blog receives frequent updates even if his Twitter account has become quiet with disuse.

Links: Company Profile, Official Blog, Twitter

Birthday: 24 July 1978

Blood Type: A

Height: 188cm

Specialties: Electric bass, basketball

Licenses: Driving license, Class 2 Home Helper, Grade 2 Housing Environment Coordinator

Anime on Stage Roles: Tanishi Kei in The Prince of Tennis musicals (1st season), Kamamoto Rikio in K Project musicals, Boma in Ghost in the Shell Arise – GHOST is ALIVE –

Other Roles: Pink Spider, Demon of the Lonely Island, Library Wars drama and movies

Best Looks: 

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