Actor of the Day: Arthur Lounsbery


Today’s actor is Arthur Lounsbery. Born on September 12th in California, USA, then moving with his family to Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, at the age of one, Lounsbery has been active as a voice actor for eleven years. He is partnered with 81 Produce in Japan and had his first major leading role as Kaito Tsukigami in Star-Myu. He will reprise his role as Kaito in the upcoming Musical Star-Myu! Lounsbery has wanted to portray Kaito on stage since the beginning of the anime, saying on twitter that they share a resemblance and a similar personality. Always a hard worker and energetic singer, Lounsbery would bring the tenacious Kaito to life. It will be fun to watch such a talented actor make his first large scale live action debut since he was part of 81 Produce’s live action unit soffive in 2013 after working behind a microphone for so long. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, visiting Akihabara, and swimming with his dog Tiara. Lounsbery has been featured in popular Japanese voice actor magazines Voice Newtype, Prince Animage, and Seiyuu Junon. Outside of his magazine publicity, he is also very active on his twitter account where he enjoys blogging about his career, video games, and the bonobono stuffed animals that he collects.

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