Actor of the Day: Yamauchi Keisuke


Today’s actor is Yamauchi Keisuke. He was born on May 31st, 1983 in Fukuoka Preecture. Keisuke joins the cast of Aichuu the Stage as Shiki Amabe. Flirtatious and sexy, Keisuke fits the role of the ArS idol, Shiki. Other than making his debut in stage shows, Keisuke performs as an enka singer and acted in Yamauchi Keisuke, The Yako Movie – Showa Kayo Kiki Ippatsu! (2014). He made a name for himself as the “handsome guy” and cultivated his fan base through multiple massive meet and greet events. According to Oricon Style music news, Keisuke spends nearly one hundred and twenty days out of the year attending handshake and meet and greet events with his adoring fans. After the release of his film, he was able to go on a nationwide tour. Keisuke was able to reach ninth place on the weekly Oricon Music chart after the release of his single Koi no Tehon (Mode of Love). It will certainly be interesting to see how Keisuke brings the generally traditional musical style of enka with the idol music of Aichuu, but there is no doubt he’ll shine on the stage in any role.

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