Actor of the Day: Eguchi Yuuki


Today’s Actor of the Day is Eguchi Yuuki! He was born October 26th, 1997 in Oita prefecture. He has been active since 2011, when he was a finalist in the 24th Junon Boy contest. Since then, he has had a number of roles in television drama, and been involved in marketing campaigns and commercials. His first major anime on stage role is Kaburagi Issa in the new Yowamushi Pedal stage running February and March of 2017! Outside of acting, Egushi Yuuki also excels in sports. He says his specialties are basketball and long distance running, and he has competed at the national level in baseball!

Birthday: October 26, 1997

Height: 170 cm

Blogs: Twitter, Company Profile, Official Blog

Hobbies: Music appreciation

Roles: Kaburagi Issa in Yoamushi Pedal stage (2017)

Best looks: 

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