Actor of the Day: Momose Saku


Today’s Actor of the Day is Momose Saku. Originally from Hyogo prefecture, he was born July 8th, 1994. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2012, and is best known for his work in tokusatsu television shows, like the Kamen Rider series! He has also appeared in other television dramas and films. Besides being on the screen, he also regularly DJs on the radio program “Music University.” While Momose Saku has been cast in several stage roles over the course of his career, he was only recently cast in his first anime on stage role: in spring 2017, he will appear as Naruko Shoukichi in the new Yowamushi Pedal stage. The role of the hotheaded and energetic Naruko may really be a test of Momose’s acting skills; his official profile says he one flaw is that he’s too serious!

Birthday: July 8, 1994

Height: 166cm

Blogs: Official Blog, Company Profile, Twitter

Hobbies: violin, baseball

Roles: Naruko Shoukichi in Yowamushi Pedal stage (2017)

Best looks: 

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