Actor of the Day: Yamaki Takanori


Today’s Actor of the Day is Yamaki Takanori! Originally from the Tokyo prefecture, Yamaki Takanori is new to the stage! Affiliated with Blossom Entertainment, his newest role will be his first major appearance. His break into the world of 2.5 stage will be with his role as the powerful but silent tennis player of Hyotei Gakuen Kabaji Munehiro in the third season of Musical: Prince of Tennis. Continuing from his performance from Seigaku vs. Hyotei, he will be reprising his role as Kabaji in Musical: Prince of Tennis Seigaku vs. Rokkaku. With an encompassing presence but little words to say, portraying Kabiji Munehiro will be a difficult role to tackle, but we are sure to follow what this actor can do for this role and any future roles he will take!

Birthday: November 8, 1992

Height: 190 cm

Blogs: Blog, twitter, Cheerz for Men twitter

Anime on Stage Roles: Kabaji Munehiro in 3rd season of Tenimyu

Best Looks: 

Yamaki Takanori

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