Actor of the Day: Shioguchi Ryohei


Today’s Actor of the Day is Shioguchi Ryohei! Born May 25th, 1982, Shioguchi Ryohei is originally from Kanagawa prefecture. Since he first debuted in 2006, he has appeared on film, television, stage, and as a model in fashion magazines! Besides being a talented performer, he is also very athletic: he has played basketball for 15 years, soccer for four years, baseball for 3 years, and golf for 2 years. We’re looking forward to seeing this multi-talented young man in his upcoming roles as Jill Christophe in the musical Midnight Cinderella: Ikemen Royal Romances, and Aoba Nanpei in Prince of Stride- The Live Stage episodes 3 and 4!

Birthday: May 25, 1982

Height: 181 cm

Blogs: Company Profile, Official Blog, Twitter

Hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Golf

Roles: Jill Christophe in Midnight Cinderella: Ikemen Royal Romances, Aoba Nanpei in Prince of Stride- The Live Stage, Kanzeon Bosatsu in Saiyuki Kagekiden Musical Go to the West

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