5 Reasons why Kawaharada Takuya is the best Izumida Touchirou


In all but two of the Yowamushi Pedal stage plays, the adorable and energetic Kawaharada Takuya (also nicknamed Taa-kun by fans) has played the strong-minded and muscular Izumida Touchirou! In the beginning of 2013 Kawaharada bought Izumida to life on stage in the second production “Yowamushi Pedal Hakone Academy Chapter Sleeping Straight-Line Demon”. Here are 5 reasons why Kawaharada Takuya is the best Izumida Touchirou!

1. Similar physical features

While he doesn’t actually have fabulously long eyelashes, Kawaharada does have noticeable muscles and a pronounced jawline. On stage, Kawaharada uses every chance he gets to refer to them, whether its screaming “Abu!” repeatedly, unzipping his jersey, or breaking out into random pushups.

  1. He is very determined

In the anime, Izumida is very determined to prove his worth to his teammates and show them (particularly Shinkai Hayato) that he’s got what it takes. Kawaharada is similar in that respect particularly since the actors are often pushed to their physical limit on stage. Despite all of the physical demands of the stage, Kawaharada is always seen to be doing his best!

  1. He makes the best out of his Izumida quirks

Izumida is known for almost always saying “Abu!” and believing his pectoral muscles to be their own sentient beings and naming them Andy and Frank. Due to this peculiar love that Izumida has for his own muscles, Kawaharada takes that unusual quirk and uses it to his advantage with fanservice to the audience, and funny skits.

  1. Amplifies Izumida’s admiration for Shinkai

It’s really no secret that Izumida admires Shinkai. In the stage play, Kawaharada and Miyazaki Shuuto (actor for Shinkai) turn that admiration up a notch. One example of this is in one of the stages; Shinkai does his signature “Bang” pose. Kawaharada takes advantage of this moment and loudly admires Shinkai in the background. Another example is when Shinkai simply gives Izumida one of his power bars and Kawaharada reacts by letting out a loud bird-like scream of delight. This brings up the final reason!

  1. He makes others laugh

Both on stage and backstage he is the guy who pulls funny voices, makes fun of his own character, and dances around just to make others laugh and smile. There are countless moments in each backstage he’s been in of him making others laugh and smile. On stage there are skits he does that are for the sole purpose of giving the audience a good laugh.

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