Touken Ranbu Musical: Team Sanjou featuring Kashuu Kiyomitsu


The Plan:

YOLO Japan trip part two for me this year! After becoming obsessed with the Touken Ranbu Musical ~ Trial Performance ~, I never thought I would go again to Japan so soon. When tickets for Touken Ranbu Musical were announced, my friends and I lost our minds, camped for tickets online, and bought airplane tickets. We decided since we were flying all the way to Japan, we should see the musical two times. The final show day in Tokyo, we saw the afternoon show and the evening show.

The Musical:

The musical was amazing. Our tickets for both shows were in the international row. The first show had us sitting separately, one on the left aisle seat, one in the middle, and two of us (including myself) on the right aisle seat.

The first show we wore our rented English subtitle glasses and focused on the entire show as a whole. The added scenes, lines, and interactions between the characters really fleshed the story more in comparison to the ~ Trial Performance ~. The second show we used our binoculars to zoom in on the guys. We poked each other silently when we noticed differences between the afternoon and evening show.

The idol-time:

During the first show idol-time, Daichi (Iwatoshi), Shunya (Imanotsurugi), and Ryuji (Kashuu) came up our aisle. My oshimen (push member) is Ryo (Kogi), second is Mario (Jiji). They didn’t walk by us during the first show. But the second show…!!! Ryo!

If you want your oshi to notice you, wear their colors or have your light stick in their color. The guys look for the light sticks as beacons as who to give fan service to. To catch Ryo’s attention, I yelled at my friend to change her light stick to yellow so he’d notice us (plus me in my yellow cardigan). HE DID~! I gave him a heart with my hands, and he gave one back with a kitsune smile.

I died. I literally died. I flailed my arms in the air and literally fell face-first into my friends chest. Apparently while I was swooned on her lap, Ryo waited for me to revive, when I didn’t and my friends were staring at how handsome he was, he gave them a bow and walked off to swoon other girls. (I didn’t find out about this until the next morning that he was waiting there).

After the show:

I dropped off my present in the present section; we packed up our items, and went to buy more merchandise to start the trading hunt with other girls for our oshimen items. It was fun trying to converse with my broken Japanese and our obviously foreign looks. Some girls have plastic holders with signs on who they are looking for.

Camping at night:

If you’re brave enough, one girl in our group was, you can camp outside the Aiia2.5 theater designated areas for fans and gift-giving to watch the guys leave to go home. We stood outside and noticed groups of girls doing the same. The first group to walk by was Mario, Ryo, Daichi, plus entourage. Mario was a shining light of beauty that I didn’t notice Ryo next to him until it was too late… but Ryo was wearing a facemask, plus his signature black ball-cap with bangs in his face. Why do you hide your face? >_< They were probably using Mario as a shield of beauty to distract everyone. It worked. Daichi was in the back with his beacon height and orange hair.

Being loud and American, we yelled/talked loudly to them that we were big fans and from America… in English. Oops. They continued to walk away. When they didn’t acknowledge us, I quickly yelled “America-kara kita! Dai-fan desu!”

They understood that and Daichi actually turned around and yelled “Ehhh! Suge!!! Suge!!!” back to us while the group was still walking away. We died a little bit from the happiness. Daichi told us “Suge.”

The next person to walk by was Shunya! He is even more cute in person. He only had one person with him and I’m guessing not many girls are pushing for him (as much as Mario and Ryuji), so he did respond to us when I talked to him. Same line, except I ended with a “Shunya daisuki!” He said thank you and waved to us.

Finally Tsubasa and Ryuji walked out together. Several girls quickly and quietly walked up to Ryuji and pushed present bags in front of him to take. We talked to them, and they waved and walked by.

Final Tokyo shows complete!!! It was one of the best experiences I’ve had! Crossing fingers and saving money now to see the combined Touken Myu 1 and 2 Live show in December. Everyone please support Touken Myu!

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  1. Himawari Tokinaga
    Himawari TokinagaReply
    December 22, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    I died reading this oh my god I love everything :’D

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