Why Torigoe Yuki is the Best Naruko There Will Ever Be


In February 2012 the anime and manga Yowamushi Pedal got its own stage play. At the time 20-year-old Torigoe Yuki (or Toripiyo, as he’s known to his fans) was cast to play the flashy red head of the series, Naruko Shoukichi. This was the role that made his stage career take off. Today, at 25 years old he is mostly known for the role he played as Naruko in all 8 Yowamushi Pedal stages. Here are 5 reasons why Torigoe Yuki makes the best Naruko Shoukichi, the flashy red head of the Yowamushi Pedal stages!

  1. He is “in real life” Naruko

No, he doesn’t actually have flaming red hair but in the backstage of any given stage Toripiyo has been in, he always seems to be everywhere whether its poking fun at his fellow cast members, or jumping in front of the camera for attention and being “flashy”.  Also, at some point during his time as Naruko, he went and got a pinarello red road racer which is the same bike Naruko uses. His personality and Naruko’s personality are very similar which brings up the second reason

  1. He is VERY energetic.

If you’ve watched the Yowamushi Pedal anime you know: Naruko is VERY hyperactive. Toripiyo is often seen as being very energetic and seems to always be smiling. There is a load of backstage footage of Toripiyo goofing around in some way whether its behind a cast member who is talking and waving his arms around like crazy or running around the backstage in a chicken kigurumi poking fun at others and making them laugh.

  1. He is actually from Osaka!

Like Naruko, Torigoe was born and raised in Osaka. Because of this Toripiyo also speaks with a Kansai dialect which is the dialect Naruko speaks with. This dialect is different from the dialect that is spoken in Tokyo and considered “standard” Japanese.

  1. He is REALLY cute as Naruko

Lets take a look at what Torigoe looks like as Naruko shall we?


Look at that picture and say he isn’t cute. I mean really. Along with his personality, Torigoe also possesses the physical features that Naruko would probably have if he were real which are his eyes, smirk, and stature.

  1. He brings Naruko Shoukichi to life on stage

On stage Torigoe puts so much emotion into his lines that Naruko seems to come to life. During his time playing Naruko, Toripiyo was able to capture everything that makes what Naruko is which is to be flashy, fast, and competitive.

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