The Touken Ranbu Musical ~The Story of Atsukashiyama~ Review

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While we attended the first Touken Ranbu Musical ~Trial Performance~ in November of 2015, we were still just as excited to be able to attend the rerun in Kyoto. We expected a few changes, some improvements, and a whole lot more merc–and we weren’t disappointed! The show wowed us in a number of ways, and being able to see it in another, different theatre was also a delight.

The Venue

We previously attended the Touken Ranbu Musical Trial Performance at the AiiA Theatre in Tokyo, which is a relatively small theatre. The Kyoto Theatre is a much larger venue with balcony seating (which we opted for this time). This gave us an incredible view of the entire stage.

The Changes

As we had an extremely thorough review last time, we’ll mostly just cover what changed in the musical this time. This was mostly demonstrated through the set list, and the progressive improvements of the singing (and dancing!) from the actors.

There were three new songs present in the story aspect of the musical–a duet between Kogitsunemaru and Ishikirimaru (with Mikazuki’s dancing accompaniment) that took the place of Iwatooshi’s previous solo; a duet between Ishikirimaru and Kashuu, instead of just a conversation while they were alone; and a duet between Iwatooshi and Imanotsurugi at the climax of the battle. They also modified the duet between Mikazuki and Iwatooshi to have Iwatooshi’s solo extended, and lead into the actual duet portion.

In the concert part of the musical, there were several new additions. Ishikirimaru, Iwatooshi, Kogitsunemaru, and Imanotsurugi all had a song together while Mikazuki went and prepared for his solo piece (Endless Night), which was absolutely incredible. Kuroba Mario stole the show, and that isn’t just my bias talking! His voice has matured beautifully, and not a single note was missed.

Because Yoshitsune and Benkei were actually offered in a greater capacity this time (i.e. merchandise, yay!), their taiko drumming solo was extended, and that particular song was far more about their talents than Kogitsunemaru’s dancing this time.

Everything Else

How else can we describe the amazing experience of being on the second balcony and having Kuroba Mario and Satou Ryuuji run up, sit down next to us, and literally bend over us to blow kisses? Apparently, they are much flirtier in Kyoto, which absolutely made our night.

We’d also like to extend an incredible thank you to the staff running the merchandise counters…they tolerated my returning time and time again for more gacha (the search for Mikazuki sakura-shaped can badges still is on-going!).

We can’t wait to attend the Shinsengumi musical in September, so stay tuned for our reviews and buying service of that show as well!

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