Actor of the Day: Hashimoto Shohei


Today’s actor of the day is the incredibly cute Hashimoto Shohei! Proving over the last three years that he’s more than just a pretty face, you’ll be happy to find Hashimoto Shohei is almost every big upcoming Anime on Stage performance! Let’s check it out!

Blog: Show Hey Hey!

Office: Cast Corporation, Office May

Hashimoto Shohei was born on December 31st, 1993 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Although relatively unknown by name, Shohei has managed to be a part of some of the biggest performances during 2015 specifically. Getting his start in a PV for a JPOP band called GReeeeN in 2013, Shohei has been on the rise, snagging a role in everything from Hakuoki and Show By Rock! to Haikyuu!! and Diabolik Lovers. Becoming such a prolific actor so quickly is going to allow Shohei to climb to new heights very quickly! We really look forward to all of Shohei’s future possibilities as an actor.

Anime on Stage/2.5d Roles: Saito Hajime in Hakuoki, Riku in Show By Rock!, Sakamaki Kanato in Diabolik Lovers, Nishinoya Yuu in Haikyuu!!, Asahina Rui in Brother’s Conflict, Zeno in Akatsuki no Yona

Non Anime on Stage Roles: DIVE @ LIVE, El Sabotage

Hobbies: Shohei really enjoys going to the movies with his friends and loves film very much.

Special Skills: He is known for being very talented at playing the drums and is quite good at handball in particular.

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Upcoming Roles: Shohei’s run as Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona is current going on so let’s continue to cheer for him in that! He will also be appearing in the next Brother’s Conflict stage play in June as Asahina Rui again! Maybe another run of Hakuoki in the near future as well? We can always hope!

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