As of November 16, 2015, the cast for the Noragami Stage Play has been released by the official website! For those just joining the story, Noragami is a story about your average high school student, Iki Hiyori, who attempts to save a man’s life and winds up getting dragged into the world of gods and demons for her trouble. This fascinating manga has been running since December of 2010, and there’s been an anime running since 2014, which is currently running season 2. The current all-star cast includes:

Yato: a god of war who was restored by Hiyori. Will be played by Suzuki Hiroki, known as Arakita from Yowamushi Pedal Stage, Komaeda from Dangan Ronpa 2, Dante in Devil May Cry (and Sengoku Basara Vs. Devil May Cry), Fushimi Saruhiko in K Project, and Sanzo in Saiyuki. Check out his blog and our Actor of the Day feature on him here!

Yukine: Yato’s shinki, a young-looking spirit who treasures both his master Yato and Hiyori. Will be played by Ueda Keisuke, known as Manami Sangaku from Yowamushi Pedal Stage, Japan from the Hetalia Musical (Singin’ in the World), Ishida Mitsunari in Sengoku Basara, Fallos in Persona 3 Stage, and Yata Misaki in K Project. Check out his blog and our Actor of the Day feature on Uechan here!

Iki Hiyori: An ordinary middle school girl whose soul is caught between her mortal life and the afterlife. Will be played by Hasegawa Kasumi, known from her work in Twelfth Night and several movies, represented by 3ga. Follow her on twitter!

Bishamonten: A god of combat, who despises Yato. Will be played by Ando Ayaka, a newcomer to the scene. Let’s give her our support, follow her blog!

Kofuku: A fierce, energetic god of poverty. Will be played by Minami Itohara, who is new to the scene, but has won a few contests already! Represented by Avex Group Holdings. Follow her blog and twitter!

Kazuma: A shinki who respects Yato but serves Bishamonten. Will be played by Wada Takuma, known as Tezuka Kunimitsu from Tenimyu, Miyuki Kazuya from Daiya no Ace, and Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji) in the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Stage Plays. Follow his blog, and check out our Actor of the Day feature on Kuma-chan here!

Daikoku: Kofuku’s overprotective shinki, who considers himself her husband. Will be played by Tomotsune Yuuki, known from Yowamushi Pedal Stage as Tadokoro Jin (2nd Tadokoro), Tenimyu as Tanishi Kei, Kamen Teacher, and Kondo Isami in Bakumatsu Rock. Follow his blog!

Are you guys as excited as we are?

Opens at Tokyo’s AiiA Theater January 28 through January 31 of 2016—it’s a fantastic theater, and if you don’t speak Japanese, they do offer subtitle glasses with translations in English, Korean, and Chinese!

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