Touken Ranbu Musical Buying Service!

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The Touken Ranbu musical has released their goods list, and we’re going to the show! >u< Place your buying service order with us now, and you’ll be able to purchase all that you want at the show prices, plus only our 10% buying service fee. We ship within the USA, so no high shipping costs, either!

Send us an order now!

Here’s what’s available!!

Two Different Pamphlets (landscape and portrait styles): $10 each

Bromide Photosets: 3 photos per set! $5 each. Character options:

– Mikazuki Munechika

– Kogitsunemaru

– Ishikirimaru

– Iwatooshi

– Kashuu Kiyomitsu

Program (Book of Paintings): $30

There are also can badges for each character–however, these are random grab. If you are interested in the badges, please let us know and we will do our best, but an extra fee might apply!

Send us a buying service form by November 5th to place your order!!

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