Actor of the Day: Sato Ryuji


Today’s actor of the day is the suave Sato Ryuji! Just kidding, he’s actually quite a big goofball who’s been gaining fame very quickly in the past two years! Let’s take a look at his rise to stardom together! (Note: Ryuji-kun romanizes his name as “Sato Ryuji,” whereas others romanize it as “Satou Ryuuji.” Whenever possible, AnimeOnStage will use an actor’s preferred romanization of their own name.)

Nickname: Ryuji-kun

Blog: Ryuji Sato Official Blog

Twitter: @ryuji7117

Sato Ryuji, who feels weird whenever people refer to him as Sato-san, was born in the Miyagi Prefecture on January 17th, 1995. He attended school with the Himawari Theatre Group after seeing an ad in the newspaper for a theatre group with a sunflower. While still attending school, Ryuji secured a role on the popular TV Show in 2011, Kamen Rider Fourze, as Satake Teruhiko, a two-episode villain. From there, he took his acting to the stage and has been there ever since!

Anime on Stage / 2.5d Roles: Zaizen Hikaru – Tenimyu, Uchiha Sasuke – NARUTO The Live Spectacle, Kashuu Kiyomitsu – Touken Ranbu Musical

Non-Anime Stage Roles: Present Live! 5 – Yamato Kyosuke, Nintama Rantaro (4th Bullet) – Tamura Mikiwe, Teiichi of the Country – Kuga Shinji

Favorite Role: Sato Ryuji has been most successful with his role in NARTO The Live Spectacle as Uchiha Sasuke, tackling a character that has been a worldwide heartthrob for 15 years and absolutely succeeding. (Be sure to check out his bromides, they’re stunning!).

Best Looks:CC4Y_MNVAAIfAs7 COCBcILUEAAqz5S IMG_2236 IMG_2358 IMG_2359 IMG_2378

Talents: Ryuji is trained in traditional Japanese Karate, plays the drums and sings!

Upcoming Roles: We will be seeing Ryuji live in November as he plays Kashuu Kiyomitsu in the new Touken Ranbu Musical! He also is part of a new 2D Boys Magazine with other actors such as Hirose Tomoki, Torigoe Yuki, and Ota Motorhiro, so look out for that! We will continue to support Ryuji along with every other girl in Japan!

Also don’t worry! If Ryuji is in something new, he will be the first to tell you, even if the official release isn’t out yet!


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    I think you should date Ito Yui.

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