With all the buzz surrounding the new cast of Musical Hetalia: Singin’ in the World, many fans are wondering whether these newly-cast actors are going to be any good. Fortunately, most of these actors have starred in stage plays before, and we can make a basic guess as to their biggest strengths and weaknesses. Let’s dive in to the cast of Musical Hetalia!

  1. Nagae Ryoki as Italianagae ryoki
    Born in 1998. Yes, he’s 18–as of August 2015.
  • Type O Blood
  • From: Osaka
  • Represented by: Avex
  • Previous roles: Julian in Legend of Galactic Heroes, and an appearance in Genius TV-kun MAX on the NHK.
  • What we can expect: This adorable (seriously, look at that face!) young actor will need lots of support from the community as he takes on his first major role. Let’s show him some love!
  • Follow at: Ameblo, Twitter

2. Omi Yoichiro as GermanyScreen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.01.01 PM

  • Born April 5, 1989–27 years old
  • Represented by Watanabe Entertainment
  • Part of D-BOYS, D2
  • Previous Roles: Mori Tatsunori in The Prince of Tennis: Seigaku vs Fudoumine
  • What We Can Expect: He’s shown that he can bring a lot of energy and passion to his roles. Let’s cheer him on!
  • Follow at: Ameblo

3. Ueda Keisuke as Japanuechan

  • A veteran Anime on Stage boy! BASIC FACTS:
  • Born September 5, 1989–26 years old
  • Previous Roles: Manami Sangaku in Yowamushi Pedal Stage, Yata Misaki in K Project: Arousal of Kings, Fallos in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade, & many more!
  • What We Can Expect: Ue-chan is well-known for his sweet face and easy smile, and for being able to flip his emotions from easygoing to fierce and determined at the drop of a hat. Hopefully we’ll get to see lots of his cute side in Musical Hetalia, Singin’ in the World!
  • Follow at: Ameblo

4. Isogai Ryuko as AmericaScreen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.17.32 PM

  • Born March 14, 1987–28 years old
  • Represented by: ENA Entertainment
  • Previous Roles: Chitose Senri, 1st Season A Cast of Tenimyu, CORNFLAKES, SAMURAI7, Takumi-Kun Stage Play (Gii)
  • What We Can Expect: I have no idea
  • Follow at: Ameblo, Twitter (both are kind of a trip)
  • Fun story: Once made Ooyama Masashi sleep on the floor so he and Harukawa Kyosuke could share a bed

5. Hirose Daisuke as UK廣瀬大介

  • Born June 3, 1991–24 years old
  • Represented by: Main Cast Productions
  • Previous Roles: Atsushi/Ryo Kisarazu in The Prince of Tennis, Okita Souji in Hakuouki, Kaneda in Litchi Light Club
  • What We Can Expect: Dainyan, as he’s affectionately called by his fans, is well-known as being “the pretty one” in almost any group. However, he’s also seriously talented, and gets to show off his chops in many Hakuouki performances.
  • Fun story: Dainyan is a huge fan of Kpop group Shinee, and frequently wears a necklace with their name on it! (Thanks to Juliana for this adorable piece of info!)
  • Follow at: His new Ameblo, Twitter

6. Aikawa Juri (not to be confused with the female voice actor of the same name) as FranceJuri

  • BASIC FACTS: Born February 16, 1981–the oldest cast member of Musical Hetalia at 34!
  • Represented by: GIG Management
  • Previous Roles: Akutsu in Tenimyu, Kusanagi in K Project: Arousal of Kings, Amane “Davide” Hikaru in the theatrical release of The Prince of Tennis
  • What We Can Expect: Juri brings a large, intimidating, handsome presence to every role that brims with raw physicality, and has been well-known in Japan for many years as a model. Get ready to swoon!
  • Follow at: Ameblo
  • Fun story: His brother Ryoji is a professional baseball player with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows

7. Yamaoki Yuki as RussiaYamaokiYuuki71357

  • BASIC FACTS: Born March 5, 1991–24 years old
  • Represented by NAKEDBOYZ (really)
  • Previous Roles: Yanagi Renji (Rikkai B) in Tenimyu, many Serious Theater Roles
  • What We Can Expect: Yamaoki Yuki brings a gravity and dry wit to his roles, and his classical theater training may serve him well in this case!
  • Follow at: Ameblo

8. Sugie Taishi as Chinataishi

  • BASIC FACTS: Born March 7, Update: 1992–age 23!
  • Represented by Eri Office
  • Previous Roles: Hitoji Yuuji in The Prince of Tennis, Kagami Itsuki in Messiah, Rick in Kyo Kara Maoh
  • What We Can Expect: Sugie Taishi’s sweet smile and incredible acting range make him an ideal match for China.
  • Follow at: Ameblo, Agency Page
  • Side note: if you haven’t seen him and Fukushima Kaita performing “gay jitsu teki na tennis” then please do yourself a favor.

9. Kikuchi Takuya as Austria (who they decided to cast)kikutaku

  • BASIC FACTS: Born May 1, 1991–24 years old
  • Represented by Heazel Talent & Production
  • Previous Roles: Oshitari Yuushi in The Prince of Tennis, 2nd Season
  • What We Can Expect: Expect Austria to sing. A lot.
  • Side note: It’s no surprise they decided to cast KikuTaku (as he’s known to fans) as Austria. His singing voice took the musical community by storm after his first performance in Kantou Hyotei, then stunned audiences in Dream Live 2014.
  • Fun fact: Ran a kickstarter to fund his solo CD

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