Yowamushi Pedal IRREGULAR Buying Service Orders


It’s that time again–stage show preorders!

We’re heading to the newest Yowapedal stage, IRREGULAR, which is Makishima’s story. Maki-chan has a lot of goods this time around, and if you order them from us now, you can purchase them at cost.

Our buying service fee is only 10% of your total, and we ship when we get back from the USA at flat-rate priority fees. Read below for a full list of the goods that are available, and get your orders to us before October 15th.

Please submit your requests through our website. After your request has been received, we will invoice you and you can pay for your goodies!

** Click here for our buying service form! **


Program: $20 each

Individual Bromide Sets (please specify the characters you want): $6 each

FULL Set of All Bromides: $78 per set

Can Badges (please specify the characters you want): $2 each

Arm Reflectors (Sohoku, Hakogaku, Kyofushi, or Hiroshima): $6 each

2-Clearfile Set: $8 each

Tote Bag: $6 each

Trading Cards: $5 each

Want everything? Just say ‘the works’ in your form, and we’ll hook you up! Total price for all goods (including us attempting to get the secret can badges for you) is a flat $200.

Thanks so much for shopping with us, and we look forward to seeing the Peak Spider win again! >u<

** Click here for our buying service form! **

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