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For a while, Dramatical Murder was one of the most talked about video games and anime series on the Internet. It didn’t take long for people to start talking about their need for a stage play, and for names to be thrown around about who would be best suited to play each character. Listed below is a dramatical murder fancast for Aoba as well as all of the main boyfriends from Dramatical Murder.



Ogoe Yuuki has proven on more than one occasion that he is capable of playing the cute but sassy type. This makes him a perfect choice for the role of Aoba Seragaki, the blue haired protagonist of Dramatical Murder. Even though Ogoe usually plays a more innocent type of character, fans believe that he could definitely pull off a more adult role like Aoba. With his recent role of Kaneki Ken in the Tokyo Ghoul play, that should be even more reason to fans to believe that he would be able to pull off a leading role like Aoba.



Although Yuya Miyashita is still fairly new to the stage, he would be a perfect choice to play the role of Noiz. Because of his work in the role of Leon in the Dangan Ronpa stage play, he would be an amazing choice for the role of the bratty teenager that is a little too full of himself. While Yuya Miyashita is clearly a wonderful actor, and will likely branch out in the future to play much different roles other than the typical bad boy, he clearly does these types of roles very well.



Because of his ability to play stern and tough characters so well, Takigawa Eiji would be a fantastic choice to play the role of Mink. Mink is a hardened criminal who comes off as cold and uncaring. Even though Takigawa Eiji has shown that he can play funny and lighthearted characters, he has certainly mastered roles that allow him to be stone faced and harsh (see: Yowamushi Pedal stage as Fukutomi Juichi). Because he is great at showing a wide range of emotions, even while playing a tougher character, he would definitely be the best choice for Mink.



Koujaku is a potentially hard role to fill. He isn’t nerdy, mild or overly feminine. However, he also isn’t burly, mean or sassy. Koujaku is one of those characters that is kind of dorky over how he constantly dotes over Aoba, but won’t hesitate to fight someone if it means protecting a person that he cares about. Because of this, Ire Shiozaki would be a great choice for this role. In the past, Ire has played roles such as Mephisto in the Ao no Exorcist stage plays, Davide in Tenimyu, and most recently Takigawa Chris Yuu in Daiya no Ace, showing that he can easily take on roles that have a flamboyant yet sinister flare.



 Clear’s character definitely stands out from the rest of the boyfriends in Dramatical Murder. Unlike the other characters that have a long list of flaws, Clear doesn’t have any real marks against his character. Clear is sweet, innocent, and only wants to see Aoba happy no matter what. Because of this, Ueda Keisuke would absolutely be the best choice to play the role of Clear. With his sweet face and ability to play innocent looking characters, he would be the perfect person to play this robotic boyfriend.



Ren is a difficult character to pull off. For a good portion of the series, he is stuck in his allmate form which is impossible to cast since he’s just a fluffy little dog. But, once Ren finally gets a human form, he is a complicated character. While he definitely has development as the show goes on, Ren starts out as a fairly stiff and emotionless character. One of the better choices for this role would probably be Taisuke Saeki. He had played plenty of roles that show he can play that practically emotionless character type while developing along the way. Probably one of the best examples of this was when he played the role of Eric in the first run of Kuroshitsuji’s “The Most Beautiful Death in the World,” a character that shows a few similar character traits to Ren (though with more of a goatee).

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