Why the Sailor Moon Musicals are Worth Watching

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Sailor Moon is a classic anime. Even people that have absolutely no knowledge about anime have heard the name Sailor Moon and can probably list at least a few minor details about the series. However, even some of the most dedicated fans have yet to watch the amazing Sailor Moon musicals (called “Seramyu” by the fans) that have been released. If you’re a Sailor Moon fan and haven’t taken the time to sit and watch these stage plays, here are just a few things that you’re missing out on.

It Has a Mostly Female Cast

One of the great things about the Sailor Moon musicals is that it has a mostly female cast. Just like in most anime, it can be rare to find a good play or musical that isn’t overwhelmed by a male cast. Sailor Moon has always been known for its strong female characters, and the stage plays are no exception to this. It is a great example of seeing amazing actresses portraying fantastic and classic female characters on stage.

The Music Is Amazing

Most anime stage plays have music in them, but some are particularly geared towards providing a noticeable amount of musical numbers. The Sailor Moon musicals provide great new songs for fans to listen to, even if there isn’t an official soundtrack out for purchase. The songs are emotional and catchy, and will leave fans singing and dancing along to these new songs.

The Costumes Are Dazzling

Sailor Moon costumes are fairly well known these days. The classic sailor scout uniforms are kind of plain, but still easily recognizable. In the stage plays, the costumes go above and beyond what one would expect from a typical sailor scout uniform. They are sparkly and dazzling, which is a lot more than the average Sailor Moon outfit provides. Yet, somehow, it works for the stage plays. The costumes don’t look tacky or overdone, and has been inspiring more and more cosplayers to take their costumes to the next level.

Sailor Moon Is a Classic

If you feel there’s absolutely no other reason to watch the Sailor Moon musicals, then fans should watch it simply because Sailor Moon is a classic. Just about everyone has seen at least one episode of this series, and watching the stage plays might very well rekindle the love that might have been lying dormant since childhood. The Sailor Moon stage play is also a great way to introduce anime fans to plays and musicals if they aren’t very familiar with them yet. Because Sailor Moon is a classic anime staple with some unforgettable scenes, it’s a great show to use for an introduction to stage plays.

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  1. HL
    September 6, 2015 at 7:12 am

    SeraMyu are a spectacles, that I agree every SM fan should check them out at least once.
    The thing is though, that musical theatre is not for everyone, one requires an open mind in arts to get into stage musicals(it is easier with film musicals).
    Stage has characteristics like ad-libs, or incidents, that make every single performance a unique experience, not to mention that performers have good and bad days and that can affect a performance, like lets say: performer slips and falls face first on the stage, I have heard people (who are not familiar with stage theatre) to complain “why didn’t they cut the fall and record the scene again”. What I’m trying to say is that without the open mind in arts one seeks absolute perfection (similar to filming, where they redo scenes multiple times to perfect them) on stage acts without considering the live aspect of it. So in a sense stage musicals are hard to please everyone.

    That being said, I would like to make some of your points even more awesome, especially the female cast 😀
    It is not just the fact that SM has basically only one main male character +plus few villains each season, but also the fact that over the years said male character were played by female performers, so diversity over diversity. Not to mention that they went beyond that, and they once a male performer playing as a female character, while in the same play/scene female performers were playing the main male villains.
    And look at the current stages of awesome, where the entire cast is exclusively female!

    another point I want to mention is that the amazing music DOES have official recording CDs. I don’t know if they are still available for the old stages though, maybe in second hand shops, but still there are 😀

    PS: selection of Miyukichan’s moon picture is moving, she was one amazing moon and she is missed greatly T_T

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