Why Murata Mitsu Is Quickly Becoming a Stage Play Favorite


If you ask a fan of anime stage plays, chances are they have a favorite actor. For one reason or another, fans will usually latch on to at least one actor who they’re biased towards, following their work closely and visiting Japanese online shops to buy posters, bromides, dvd’s and other merchandise their bias is featured in. Like how Shiozaki Airu is best known for his role as Davide in Tenimyu, actors are usually recognizable for one role in particular. Often times, it’s a role that introduces stage fans to that actor and really sticks with them. Murata Mitsu first came to prominence in Kamen Rider Kiva, but you wouldn’t know that from his fans. For Mitsu, as he’s affectionately known to his fans, that role that made him famous was Midousuji Akira in the Yowamushi Pedal stage plays. After his debut in Straight Line Demon, many more stage fans became interested in him, sending his twitter follower numbers into the thousands.

His Look Sets Him Apart

While it may be a superficial attribute, many fans find themselves drawn to an actor’s appearance and find that to be their selling point even more so than their acting skills. When it comes to unique-looking and memorable actors, Murata Mitsu definitely fits the bill. He’s incredibly tall for a Japanese man at 6’1” and quite slender, often towering over his co-stars. It’s very easy to pick him out in a lineup. Offstage, Mitsu has a very quirky sense of style, wearing t-shirts with silly sayings or artwork and pants that are much too short for him. Many fans find this kind of style appealing. Even though his outfits obviously intentional, he’s clearly having fun with it. His quirky look is often featured in his bromides offered from online shops in Japan.


He Has a Character Type and Often Sticks to It

Murata Mitsu has an obvious character type. His appearance, his demeanor, and his acting skills all lend themselves to putting him in roles of antagonists or characters with major quirks. For many stage fans, their first introduction to Mitsu was his role as Midousuji in Pedal Stage, which was a great indication of his acting abilities and what sort of flavor he could bring to his characters. As a result of this role, he has become the go-to for fancasting characters that are very unusual. For instance, when it was announced that there would be a Tokyo Ghoul stage play, there wasn’t a single fancast online that did not immediately place Mitsu in the role of Uta. Months later, he would go on to officially be cast as Uta, much to the delight of those who had him as their fan choice for the role.


He Enjoys Interacting with His Fans in a Fun Way

Even though Murata Mitsu might often play characters that are the antagonist and might give off a bit of a creepy vibe to in a lot of roles, he is far from that in real life. Whether talking about his favorite ice cream, his trip out to the park or talking about a new idol girl poster that he bought, Mitsu is good about keeping up with his fans and even responding to some of them. Because Mitsu keeps up with his fans and uses social media sites, it allows fans to get to know him better and want to follow his work even more.

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  1. Abby
    August 14, 2015 at 5:47 am

    I love this post! Mitsu is so cute. He answered me once in Twitter. He was shocked that Yowapeda have fans in Argentina

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