Surprise!! Musical Hetalia!

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In a surprise announcement, it was released today, July 31, that Axis Powers Hetalia, the mega-famous comic and anime about anthropomorphosized world countries, will be getting the musical treatment as Musical Hetalia. Here are the fast facts that you need to know:

  • We have no idea yet who’s cast. Have a fancast for Musical Hetalia? Write it up for Anime on Stage and we’ll publish it under your name!
  • Naruse Yuusei, who wrote the scripts for the Yowamushi Pedal and Diabolik Lovers stage plays, is writing the script.
  • The show will run from December 24th (Christmas Eve) to December 29th (New Year’s Eve Eve Eve). It’s the same time frame as Bakumatsu Rock’s short (but impactful) run last year, and we can’t imagine that they won’t give something like Hetalia the star treatment.
  • The musical will take place at the Zepp Roppongi Blue Theater (former home of Pedal Stage, home of Kuroshitsuji Musicals). This fantastic theater is in the heart of a very international district—perfect for something like Hetalia.
  • Anime on Stage will be chock full of the merchandise as soon as it’s released! Look for DVDs, CDs, programs, cast photographs, actor photobooks, magazine features, and more as soon as we get them in stock!

Which country are you most excited to see come to life in Musical Hetalia? Tell us in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter!

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