Actor of the Day: Yamagiwa Kaito


Today’s actor of the day is Yamagiwa Kaito! Born January 18th, 1995, he is originally from Tokyo. He is a relatively new face in the entertainment world; his first major anime on stage role was his recent appearance as Yahaba Shigeru in Hyper Projection Engeki “Haikyuu!!.” Offstage, he excels at short distance running– he can run 100 meters in 11 seconds!– and brags that his special skill is being able to fully solve a rubik’s cube in one minute. We’re excited to see what this talented young man does next!

Birthday: January 18th, 1995

Height: 182 cm

Blogs: twitter, Company Profile

Hobbies: running, solving rubiks cubes

Roles: Yahaba Shigeru in Hyper Projection Engeki “Haikyuu!!

Best Looks: 

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