Actor of the Day: Washio Noboru


Today’s actor of the day is Washio Noboru! Originally from Kanagawa prefecture, he was born February 8th, 1977, and has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002! He is a prolific actor, and has appeared on stage, on TV, and in movies. His most well known anime on stage roles to date include Tokugawa Ieyasu in Musical Touken Ranbu, and Baldroy in Kuroshitsuji~Noah’s Ark Circus~! Outside of his acting career, Washio Noboru is also a member of the idol group Pnish, who he performs with regularly!

Birthday: February 8th, 1977

Height: 178 cm

Blogs: Agency Profile, Pnish Idol Unit ProfileOfficial Blog, Twitter

Roles: Baldroy in Kuroshitsuji~ Noah’s Ark Circus~, Tokugawa Ieyasu in Musical Touken Ranbu

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