Actor of the Day: Takagi Shun


Today’s actor of the day is Takagi Shun! He was born March 17th, 1981 in Ishikawa prefecture, and often goes by the nickname Shunly~. He made his debut in 2001 one, and has since made his mark on stage, film, and on TV. The arena he is probably most accomplished in is voice acting: he has appeared in a variety of video games and TV anime, including series like Star Driver, Ao no Exorcist, and Assasination Classroom. His stage credits are also quite impressive, and include Fred Abberline in the Kuroshitsuji musicals, Hitokoe Mitsuru in Super! Jailbreak Opera “Nanbaka,” and Sakurai Masaya in The Musical Prince of Tennis ( as part of the Fudoumine 1st cast). Besides his solo work, he is also part of the unit “SMILY ☆ SPIKY” with Miyano Mamoru!

Birthday: March 17th, 1981

Height: 179 cm

Blogs: Japanese Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram

Hobbies: Comedy, collecting DVDs

Roles: Fred Abberline in the Kuoshitsuji musicals,  Hitokoe Mitsuru in Super! Jailbreak Opera “Nanbaka”, Sakurai Masaya in The Musical Prince of Tennis (part of Fudoumine 1st)

Best Looks: 

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