Our Tennimyu Seigaku Vs. Rikkai Buying Service is Live!


Tennis is back!

All of these items for our buying service can be purchased through our online store. You have until September 20th to place your orders with us, so make sure to purchase your items quickly and don’t miss out!

Our buying service fee has already been calculated into the cost of goods. Thanks so much for your consideration!

Click here for a link to the goods on our webstore!

Available goods:

Program: $25.00

Visual Poster: $15.00

Shopping Bag: $5.00

Clearfiles: $7.00

Ball pen and Notebook sets: $12.00

IC Card Case: $16.00

Initial Keyholder Keychains: $8.00

Bromides: $6.00

INDIVIDUAL Player and TEAM Bromides: $6.00 for individual, $28.00 – $42.00 for teams

Thank you so much and we look forward to receiving your orders!

Here’s our online store again!

And if you still have questions, you can contact us through our buying service form!

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