Actor of the Day: Ise Daiki


Today’s Actor of the Day is Ise Daiki, nicknamed Isedai! Originally from Hokkaido, he was born May 15th, 1991. He made his debut in 2011 right after graduating from high school. Since then, he has appeared in movies, TV dramas, commercials and (of course) stage productions. His biggest anime on stage roles to date include Hiyoshi Wakashi in The Musical Prince of Tennis (as part of the Hyoutei Second cast), and Jek in Dance with Devils the Musical. He is also very well known as a singer, especially among tokusatsu fans: he gained popularity for the opening of Ressha Sentai ToQger, and has since gone on to become one of the biggest names in tokusatsu music! Though he is a prolific actor, Isedai seems to love music more than anything; he lists his special skills as acapella and vocal percussion, and his hobbies include writing songs on the piano.

Birthday: May 15th, 1991

Height: 180 cm

Blogs: Agency Profile, Twitter, Official Blog

Hobbies: Guitar, piano

Roles: Jek in Dance with Devils the Musical, Hiyoshi Wakashi in The Musical Prince of Tennis (part of the Hyoutei 2nd cast)

Best Looks: 

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