Actor of the Day: Osanai Masaki


Today’s Actor of the Day is Osanai Masaki! Born December 22nd, 1970 in Kanagawa prefecture, he got his start as a dancer rather than an actor. In the late 1990’s, he studied dance in New York City for two years before returning to Japan to make his mark in musical theater. He appeared in Japanese productions of Foot Loose and West Side Story in the early 2000’s, and originated the role of Hayashi Daisuke in the Musical Prince of Tennis  in 2003 as part of the first generation Seigaku cast. Since then, he’s once again focused more heavily on dancing than acting: he now works as a choreographer and dance instructor affiliated with LEAP DANCE CONNECTION, and as part of the theater company Shiki..

Birthday: December 22, 1970

Height: 174 cm

Blogs: Agency Profile, Wikipedia entry

Hobbies: Dance choreography

Roles: Hayashi Daisuke in Musical Prince of Tennis (first generation Seigaku)

Best Looks: 

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