Actor of the Day: Kamai Terumichi


Today’s Actor of the Day is Kamai Terumichi! Originally from Hyogo prefecture, he was born December 1st, 1973. He knew early on his life that he wanted to work in entertainment, and has been dancing ever since he was a teenager. In 2003, he played Ikeda Masaya in the first Musical Prince of Tennis, as part of the first generation Seigaku cast. Since then, he has focused more on work as a choreographer, and is affiliated with LEAP DANCE CONNECTION. His choreography has been featured both in theatrical productions, as well as in Disneyland shows!

Birthday: December 1, 1973

Blogs: Agency Profile , Wikipedia

Hobbies: Dance instruction

Roles: Ikeda Masaya in Musical Prince of Tennis (first generation Seigaku Cast)

Best Looks: 

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