Actor of the Day: Izumi Manabu


Today’s Actor of the Day is Izumi Manabu! Born November 15th, 1986 in Ibaraki prefecture, he has been active in the entertainment industry since 2009. He belongs to the theater group Himawari, and is also an active member of the theatrical troupe “Rooter.”  His anime on stage roles include a minor role in the stage play BASARA (based on the shoujo manga of the same name), and Konjiki Koharu in the Musical Prince of Tennis, as part of the second generation Shitenhouji B cast! When he’s not onstage, Izumi Manabu enjoys playing shogi, and is an avid baseball fan.

Birthday: November 15, 1986

Height: 168 cm

Blogs: Wikipedia, Twitter, Official Blog

Hobbies: Baseball, Shogi

Roles: Konjiki Koharu in Musical Prince of Tennis (part of the second-generation Shitenhouji B cast)

Best Looks: 

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