Which Japanese Magazines are the Best for Stage Fans to Check Out?

There are probably quite a few Japanese magazines that you’ve heard of just because of their popularity. Newtype Japan, Prince, Fanroad, and Festival are all popular anime magazines that cater to the anime-loving audience, whether they want insider news, information on where to buy anime figures, or cool posters and inserts that usually come with each…

Why Murata Mitsu was (and is) a Poor Choice for Midousuji Akira

With season three green-lit and a brand new stage play going on as we speak, it’s no surprise that a lot of loyal YowaPeda fans have come out of the woodwork…and that, of course, includes those that absolutely adore Murata Mitsu’s portrayal as Midousuji Akira. Don’t get me wrong–casting Midousuji is almost an impossible task….

bl series image seven days

3 Underappreciated BL Series with Great Film and TV Adaptations

Existing since the 70s, the boys’ love genre has expanded and grown into one of the most popular genres of Japanese animation and manga, especially with overseas audiences. With various countries buying the rights to BL anime and manga for public consumption, it’s plain to see that this is a genre with staying power. Most fans…

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3 Japanese Stage Actors with Secret Surprising Talents

While actors may seem to have glamorous lives, the truth is that it’s constant work. This is especially true for the Japanese talent industry. Talents are part of agencies, which often set strict goals and requirements on the talent’s life. In turn, being part of the agency grants them training and opportunities that would otherwise…