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Surprise!! Musical Hetalia!

In a surprise announcement, it was released today, July 31, that Axis Powers Hetalia, the mega-famous comic and anime about anthropomorphosized world countries, will be getting the musical treatment as Musical Hetalia. Here are the fast facts that you need to know:

Suzuki Hiroki as Komaeda

What’s News in Japanese Stage Plays: July 29 Edition

The theater is intrinsically ephemeral, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up to date. Let’s check in on what’s new as far as our favorite Japanese stage plays are concerned! Haikyuu: Please welcome the cast of Aoba Josai! While these guys seem to be primarily composed of unknown actors, we’re sure they won’t stay…

Coming Soon in 2.5D: Haikyuu!!, Saiyuki, and more!

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