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Yamaguchi Kento

Actor of the Day: Yamaguchi Kento

Today’s actor of the day is Yamaguchi Kento! Originally from Tokyo, he was born October 12th, 1987. He made his debut in 2009, and since then has made his mark on stage and screen alike: he has been in television dramas, as well as movies like Yumeji’s Love Stupidity and
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Washio Noboru

Actor of the Day: Washio Noboru

Today’s actor of the day is Washio Noboru! Originally from Kanagawa prefecture, he was born February 8th, 1977, and has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002! He is a prolific actor, and has appeared on stage, on TV, and in movies. His most well known anime on stage
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Tano Asami

Actor of the Day: Tano Asami

Today’s actor of the day is Tano Asami! She was born February 12th, 1987 in Hyogo prefecture. She attended the Okinawa Actor’s School, and made her entertainment industry debut in 2011. She is both a stage and voice actor, and a former member of the idol group BOYSTYLE; their music
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Mitsuya Ryo

Actor of the Day: Mitsuya Ryo

Today’s actor of the Day is Mitsuya Ryo! He was born February 11th, 1988 in Aomori prefecture. He made his theatrical debut in 2009, and is currently represented by Watanabe Entertainment; through them, his is a member of the acting ensembles D2 and D-Boys. He is most well-known for his
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